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Nifty Elliott wave analysis for 26th june 201

Decline from life time high 12102 is seems to be corrective and looks like double zigzag in which 12102-11770 as first abc , 11770-12000 as X and 12000-11625 as second abc . Now If correction is co
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Nifty Elliott wave analysis for 15th feb 2019

Normal projection of wave C could be a reversal range in nifty for high above 11118. To find out exact reversal we need to concentrate on the decline from 11118.

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Analysis posted on Tradingview account

    Nifty Elliott wave analysis for 18th march 2019 onward

It seems Nifty is in wave 3 of (C or 3) and if 3 completed at 11487 then wave 4 retracement levels
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